About Dun Roamin' Tree Farms

The Dun Roamin' name itself came about from Ed's father.  His suggestion was that Ed name his farm "Dun Roamin'" once he settled down and finished running about the state as part of his sales work for E. A. Buschmann, Inc.

The Christmas Tree portion of the business started back in the 1960's with the search for the perfect tree to fit the mechanical revolving Christmas Tree stand brought from Bremen, Germany by Ed's great grandfather.  It was the perfect showcase for the perfect Christmas tree, and even played German Christmas carols, making evident the need to plant trees and create that perfect tree.  As a result of the need created by that German tree stand, many families over the years have found that tree at Dun Roamin' and also enjoyed the choose and cut experience.

The fire wood portion of the farm began from a combination of two driving forces: the firewood that has long been used for heat at the homestead on Dyer Road and the responsible forest management practices of the American Tree Farm system.  In addition, during the oil crisis of the 1970's, when the current building for E. A. Buschmann, Inc. was built on 16 Ferry Road in Lewiston, we installed a combination wood/oil boiler - the second generation of which is still in use keeping that building warm with Dun Roamin' wood today.  Now many homes in the local area are also able to heat with the quality hardwood (primarily oak, maple, and ash) produced by the Dun Roamin' Farm.

Good family values and family history have shaped Dun Roamin' into what it is today, and we hope to bring a little of our Christmas cheer and the warmth of our firewood into your home as well!