Why Do I Believe in the Choose N Cut Experience

Recently I took a call from a family looking to take advantage of our willingness to work around the weekend hours if need be.  I am always happy to do so, but this family sent proof of why, and as they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

I grew up next door to the Tree Farm and it has been a part of my life all my life.  Becasue of this, I sometimes forget or take for granted how wonderful the experience is when part of a family's Christmas tradition.  I do remember other traditions that have (sadly) fallen by the wayside over the years - Santa's lap at Peck's and opening one window in the Advent calendar each evening before bed, for example.

Take a peek below at the wonderful pictures so kindly sent to me by this family.  Doesn't this seem like a wonderful piece of holiday tradition that your family either wants to continue to enjoy yearly or start this year?  I call it picture perfect proof of why I spend part of my December each year helping folks like you choose and cut a tree!

Many thanks to the Rivera family as well as all the others who take part in the Dun Roamin' tradition each Christmas.  You all bring a smile to my face :)

Jenn Buschmann